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New Resident's Guide

How To Register Your Car In NH

Most registrations of a motor vehicle in NH start at the office of the town or city clerk where you reside. In Keene, vehicle registrations take place in the Revenue Collector's office.

The first step is to present to the town or city clerk all necessary supporting documents for preparation of your NH Certificate of Title. If the vehicle is 1989 or newer, a NH title (or out-of-state title) must be obtained for most vehicles before you can register your car. The town clerk will prepare the application for title. You will then be asked to pay a municipal permit fee based on the valuation and year of manufacture of your car. You must also pay, or show proof of having paid, any residence tax for which you have been billed. Your NH registration certificate will then be prepared by the town clerk.

The next step is to present to either your town office or the Division of Motor Vehicles, off Route 9 West, in Keene, your prepared registration certificate, title and application, or supporting document, plus payment of the required fees. The registration fee is determined by the gross weight of your vehicle. Registrations expire at midnight on the last day of your birthday month.

Registration of Vehicles Other Than Private Passenger

The procedure for registering the following vehicles is generally the same as for an automobile; it begins at the town clerk's office, then the prepared certificate is mailed or brought to the DMV to obtain your plates.

- The town permit fee on your motorcycle, paid at the town clerk's office, is computed in the same manner as that for an automobile - based on value and age. You must obtain a NH Certificate of Title for your motorcycle. The registration fee for a motorcycle is $13.00 and the expiration of your motorcycle registration is the last day of your birthday month (same as for a car). License plates are $2.50.

- A Certificate of Title is required for any trailer with a gross weight in excess of 3,000 lbs. if newer than 15 years.

- All boats must be registered with the State.
This includes any boat which is powered by a motor. You may register your boat at the Concord (main) Office, or the Keene Office of the DMV, or at the marina or boat dealer where you buy your boat. In addition, you will be required to pay a Boat Tax (property tax) on your boat. This will be paid at the DMV office or the agent where you register your boat. The minimum tax on a boat regardless of age (except rowboats under 6' and .25 HP and sailboats under 20.1') is $20.00. If you are a non-resident and can prove that you paid a property tax on your boat in your home state, you will be exempt from this tax. A copy of your out-of-state tax receipt must be presented when you register your boat.

- A moped is defined as a 2 or 3 wheel pedal vehicle not over 2 horsepower with automatic transmission. It must have pedals and not be capable of going over 30 mph. Mopeds must be registered (there is no town permit fee). The fee for registration is $6.00 and license plates are $2.. Moped registration applications are processed at the DMV. You must have a valid operator""'s license to operate a moped.


All snowmobiles and OHRVs must be registered unless they are used on land owned or leased by the owner of the machine. Snowmobile and OHRV registration applications are available at any DMV office and most snowmobile dealers. These applications can be processed at the Concord Office of the DMV only, located at the James H. Hazen Building, Hazen Dr.

New License - New Resident

If you are gainfully employed in NH and/or have children in school, application for a NH Driver's License should be made within 60 days maximum or on a reciprocal basis with your home state.
Pick up an application for Original State of NH Driver License at the DMV, your town clerk or local police department. You will also be given a letter from the DMV offering a choice of locations for testing. Fill out the application, sign, and enclose a check for $50.00 (5-year license fee) and enclose the letter from the Director with your choice of testing location circled.
If you already hold a valid license from another state, only a vision test will be given and your photograph taken. Bring along with you two forms of positive identification. Your NH license will not be issued until you surrender any and all valid licenses in your possession.

NH Motor Vehicle Inspection

Cars must be inspected once a year during the owner's birth month.
If you have just registered for the first time after moving to NH, you must have your first inspection within 10 days of the date you obtain your plates.

NH Motor Vehicle Insurance

Liability Insurance on your car is not mandatory in the State of NH; however, for your own protection, the AAA recommends that you carry at least the minimum amounts of $100,000 /$300,000 bodily insurance and $50,000 property damage.

Other General Registrations

The town or city offices can accommodate most items, such as voter registration, tax payments and dog licenses. The hours and telephone numbers for each town are listed on the previous page.


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Verizon residential service 1-800-585-4466.

Service is provided by private haulers. Some towns provide transfer stations.

Service is available in several portions of the County. Contact the local town or city hall for information.

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