Welcome to New Hampshire's Monadnock Region!         

What is a Chamber of Commerce?

            If you are a local or simply visiting Keene, you may have walked past our building. Meandering on the sidewalk, taking in all the various shops and establishments, at some point or another you might stop and look up at the red-white-and-blue decorative shades hanging from the windows. You see the plaque sign with the letters raised in gold:


            Glancing through our windows, you see a cozy waiting area, an office, and you think, “What a quaint little building.” Immediately following that, you may ask yourself, “Just what is a Chamber of Commerce, and why does Keene need one?”

            A chamber of commerce provides businesses with opportunities to network together in order to further their own interests, as well as the interests of their community, region, state, or nation. In other words, being a part of a chamber helps businesses grow and communities thrive.

            As for why Keene needs its chamber of commerce, one only has to walk around town. There’s a shop on every corner, a restaurant on every street. Rain or shine, the downtown is booming with traffic from tourists and townies alike looking for a bite to eat or some other reasonably priced delight.

            By supporting businesses both local and regional, the Greater Keene Chamber of Commerce helps its community to prosper economically. Never mind the college; business is the true lifeblood of Keene, and the chamber is its beating heart.

By Nicholas LaPointe, Keene State College GKCC Summer Intern