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Member Spotlight – Fitzgerald Travel

Owner Lisa Fitzgeral of Fitzgerald Travel was interviewed recently by the GKCC's Keene State College Intern, Colby Dudal.

Fitzgerald travel in Spofford, NH is a boutique travel agency specialized in custom European travel, river cruising and ocean cruising. Lisa Fitzgerald is the River Cruise Expert and said she has 26 years of experience in the travel industry in one form or another.

Fitzgerald said she feels Fitzgerald Travel is set apart from other travel agencies with its specialization. “We feel that by specializing, we can be experts in certain fields. This leads to being able to offer the best possible service to our customers,” Fitzgerald said.

With a motto that states “Travel Differently”, Fitzgerald notes another important aspect of the agency is the 1-on-1 service between the client and Fitzgerald that leads to personalized discussions and advice towards the client. Fitzgerald sees traveling as a personal journey and each person should have a personalized trip based on their interests and what they are looking for. While some clients may not be the right match if they are not looking to travel to Europe, go on a river or ocean cruise, Fitzgerald said all of the clients that are looking for what Fitzgerald Travel specializes in, are satisfied with the outcome.

Fitzgerald travel is one of the newest members of the Greater Keene Chamber of Commerce and Fitzgerald said she sees a lot of importance in being apart of the community. “It is good for business support, networking and new friendships,” Fitzgerald said.

Anyone interested in learning more about Fitzgerald travel or setting up an appointment to meet with this custom crafted itinerary business can visit:

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